March 2, 2011

2nd Graders are Neat

My second grader came to me last night and started talking about all the books she has been reading.  She knows I keep a running list of the books she reads on Squidoo via my lens on books 2nd graders read and started sharing with me all the books I hadn't put on that webpage.  As she started listing off all the different books like Mr Putter and Tabby, various A to Z Mysteries, Junie B. Jones books, and other various books dealing with animals, I realized I hadn't been keeping up with the different books she has been reading.

After we finished, we had listed 31 books, and she was proud of herself as she went to bed.  As I finish this post, I realize that just by sitting there and listening, I have helped give her a love for reading which will help with the rest of her life.

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