February 17, 2010

Great books for Kindergarteners

I began this blog to write about books my children read. Today, I am going to start a series on books that my children have read during a particular school year. As I have four children, they read a lot of books, and my goal is to capture the books they are reading and share it with you.

I no longer have a child in kindergarten as my youngest is now in 1st grade. When in kindergarten, it was important for us to read to our kids every day. As part of that process, we encouraged our kids to read books to us. As such, the books had to be easy to read.

Dinofours Books by Steve Metzger and illustrated by Hans Wilhelm are great as the characters are dinosaurs in pre-school. They tackle subjects about school and life including Fire Drills, Class Trips, and all the major holidays. The characters are fun with unique personalities. A great set of books to start with.

Some other great series include Fly Guy by Tedd Arnold, Dr Seuss books, Biscuit books by Alyssa Satin Capucilli, and Clifford books by Norman Bridwell. I have captured a lot of these books on the following webpage, Books for Kindergarteners

One of our favorite author's is Jan Brett. Her books are beautifully written with illustrations that just pop. The Mitten, The Hat, Town Mouse Country Mouse, and Gingerbread Baby are great for kindergarteners as they're learning to read.

Let us know your favorite author or books for Kindergarteners. Keep reading, as everyone knows, Reading is Fun.

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