February 22, 2010

Books for 2nd graders

I must admit, that I started creating web pages for my kids books at the end of last year, which is when my son was in 2nd grade. Boys, for whatever reason don't read as many books as girls do. My Books for 2nd Graders page is a bit sparce and I'm looking for some ideas for when my daughter goes into 2nd grade next year.

But if you have a 2nd grade boy, here's some of the books my son was reading. Any of the Star Wars books. I don't think he read them, but like the fact that he had them on his bookshelf. The Captain Underpants series by Dav Pilkey, My Weird School Series by Dan Gutman, and the Stink books by Megan McDonald.

There's definately a boys take to this list of second grade books.

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