January 29, 2010

Reading Nights at Elementary School

My children's elementary school has a reading night every year. Reading nights are a great way for schools and parents to get kids to love to read. My school has done a couple of flavors of reading nights.

The first flavor is to have an author come to the school and read to the children. This is a lot of fun as it the author's are really enthusiastic about their books and know the inflections and nuances that make the books come alive.

The other is my favorite where the teachers bring in their favorite books and read them to the children. Its fun when the kids dress in their pajamas and bring their pillows and blankets to the reading night.

At the end of our reading night, each kid goes to the gym and picks a book donated by the school or local businesses. What a great way to get kids to love books.

Here's a few that our teachers have read over the years:

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