November 29, 2009

The Christmas Bear

One of my thrills to this point in writing a blog and being a member of the Squidoo community is the conversations you have with people who find my pages. I recently had such an encounter with Paul Stickland who illustrated the book The Christmas Bear (written by Henrietta Stickland).

The Christmas Bear is a wonderfully illustrated book about a baby polar bear who falls into the North Pole on Christmas Eve. Santa takes the baby polar bear on a tour of his workshop. It's a great story for the entire family. The illustrations of the books are out of this world, and even though I've read the book, now, probably 100 times, I never fail to find something new in the pictures I haven't seen before. This coming Christmas Eve on CBeebies, Dr Who star David Tennant, will be reading The Christmas Bear.

Paul Stickland is a wonderful writer and illustrator. His stories and illustrations are captured in books such as Ten Terrible Dinosaurs, Trains, and Swamp Stomp.

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